International Strawberry Symposium 2020, Growing strawberries from the equator to the arctic

01 05 2021 - 15:45 to 05 05 2021 - 15:45

Given the improvement of the situation we are continuing the organization of the ninth edition of the International Strawberry Symposium, initially planned for May 2020. We confirm that it will take place in Rimini on 1-5 May 2021, by confirming the program of all activities already planned: pre- and post-tours, field with international strawberry cultivars, berry school, three days symposium and technical day at MACFRUT fair.

We thank all companies that have confirmed the sponsoring program. We are contacting other new companies for further sponsoring support.

The symposium is now renamed ISS2021 and all information is available on the symposium website, which can be found at

Almost all the 330 scientific works, presented by 1,000 authors, have been confirmed. Furthermore, we aim to confirm the 148 talks already planned – including 15 invited speakers - across three parallel sessions – on topics including strawberry genetics and physiology, plant defense, post-harvest and the fruit’s positive effects on human health.

The Symposium program will have 15 invited speakers, 133 orals and 200 posters from more than 900 authors, all related to the following research areas. The program of the symposium will have plenary sessions for the 15 Invited lectures and 3 parallel sessions for the 133 orals, then followed by afternoon poster sessions.

A) Plant genotype, phenotype, breeding, biotechnology, physiology, plant adaptation, resilience, nursery, patenting.

B) Cultivation Systems (open field, protected and soilless cultivation), plant nutrition, irrigation and water requirements, climate and light management, programmed production, reducing labour, harvesting technology, increasing quality.

C) New strawberry pathogens, soil borne and plant pathogens, plant certification, soil fumigation, IPM/Organic, post-harvest management.

D) Fruit quality, nutrition, nutraceutical components, local market, processing, industrial products, economic impact, marketing, claims.

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The symposium is supported by the Commission Agroecology and Organic Farming Systems of ISHS.

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The Polytechnic University of Marche and the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA), in conjunction with the ISHS