Conferentie: Improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production

25 01 2021 - 09:00 to 26 01 2021 - 17:00

OK-Net EcoFeed announces its final project conference bringing together 4 research projects: OK- Net EcoFeed, PPILOW, Freebirds and POWER. Mark the 25th-26th of January 2021 in your calendar and join us for the online joint conference “Improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production”.

Production systems with monogastric animals rely mainly on high quality feeds from external sources that compete with food for human consumption. Also in organic farming, monogastric systems tend to be highly specialised and decoupled from other areas of farming. The imperative challenge is to design systems which overcome the contradiction between animal welfare and “naturalness” on one hand and feed and resource efficiency on the other. Within such a context, the “Improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production” joint conference is a perfect opportunity to share the unique knowledge acquired during our projects and foster the transition towards more sustainable organic production systems. Themes include:ration-planning tools, sustainable and regional feeding for pigs and poultry, welfare self-assessment tools and the further development of the Organic Farm Knowledge platform. The event will also host a policy debate targeting a wide range of audience including policy makers, farmer and animal welfare associations, processors, feed companies and retailers.

To conclude the three-year project, OK-Net EcoFeed joins forces with the multi-actor project PPILOW and the CORE Organic Co-fund projects FreeBirds and POWER. Information about the projects can be found here. Discussions are expected to deepen and consolidate the importance of organics within the feed sustainability and animal welfare concept.

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