Final announcement of second transnational call C-IPM ERANET

De partners van het C-IPM ERANET lanceerden op 1 april 2016 hun tweede gezamelijke oproep voor transnationale onderzoeksprojecten. Alle informatie rond deze call is beschikbaar via

Of te downloaden:

Deadline voor pre-proposals is 1 juni

De oproep omvat volgende topics:

CLUSTER A: Preventive and sustainable (pest) management

  • Subtopic A2: ”Integrated, sustainable and resilient Cropping systems” (RESCROPS). 
  • Subtopic A3:  “Innovative and new pest monitoring tools and Decision Support Systems” (INNO-DSS).

CLUSTER B: Alternative and innovative control.

  • Subtopic B1: “Innovative direct biological control methods in holistic IPM approach”    (INDIBICOM-IPM).
  • Subtopic B2: “Pests resistance management” (PRM)
    (the term pests includes: arthropods, bacteria, fungi, insects, phytoplasma, viruses, weeds)

 CLUSTER C: IPM in Minor Crops.

  • Subtopic C2: “IPM for Delia/Psila flies” (cabbage root fly and carrot fly)
  • Subtopic C4: “Fruitflies in stone fruits, pome fruits, berries and small fruits; Drosophila suzukii and others fruitflies”
  • Subtopic C5: “Mites (spider, rusts and bud) in berries and small fruits”
  • Subtopic C7: “Control of thrips and whiteflies on protected crops”
  • Subtopic C11: “Diseases in Stone fruits” (DISton)